The global sports industry revenues are set to rise to $145bn and there is a huge scope of digital innovation at all levels.

Information Technology will play a game changer role as it can revolutionize the way sports are being taught, practiced, managed, played, recorded, broadcasted and watched on multiple devices like television, computer and mobile.

At MMACH DESIGN, we enable the sports industry to leverage information technology at all levels by developing custom software solutions, responsive sports website, mobile apps, BI & analytics solutions, Simulators, widgets, and many more.


With our years of experience in software development, quality processes and domain expertise, we have developed customized software solutions for sports industry.

Here are some of the projects done for our clients:

  • A Simulator application developed for golf coaches to facilitate easy coaching. The application allows simultaneous capture and display of real-time 3D bio-mechanical data from magnetic trackers. The coaching can be done through animated images created by the application as per data received from the sensors.
  • A Golf Trainer application to demonstrate and sharpen the golfing skills for both players and trainers. The application includes detailed directory of holes, clubs, courses, tournaments, etc. It also allows to add new players and create tests that would help players judge their skills.