MMACH DESIGM – Salesforce Development Company

MMACH DESIGM – Salesforce Development Company in India, believes customer experience is the ultimate competitive factor in the digital age. We are a team of best specialist and certified Salesforce developers with more than 500 Salesforce deployment. With our 5+ years of experience in Salesforce and 100% of client satisfaction, you can be sure that MMACH DESIGM is the perfect partner for your Salesforce CRM Development needs. We provide all services related to Salesforce CRM Development like Salesforce consulting, Salesforce Lightning, Administrator, Data Migration, Customization, Integration and many other CRM services. Our Salesforce developers are the key to your business success. We offer a range of end-to-end solutions for Salesforce CRM with our highly trained, skilled, experienced and certified developers.

Salesforce CRM Development Services

Salesforce is the most widely used tool for Client Relationship Management(CRM) due to the versatility it offers to any business organization. Development of Salesforce in any business firm takes place when automation and communication in different branches of the organization such as sales, marketing, finance, etc are required. MMACH DESIGM Systems helps you to implement a fresh, renewed Salesforce system for your business or can also migrate your existing CRM to Salesforce. Our team is ready to assist you in implementing various Salesforce products.

Salesforce Consulting

Any organization, big or small, old or new, needs a well-planned framework to function in a systematic manner. Therefore, our consultants understand the needs and demands of your business and offer you the various possible solutions to increase salespeople’s productivity, reduce long sales cycles or create a comprehensive customer view.

Salesforce Development

The process of development includes installing a new Salesforce system or migrating your existing CRM to Salesforce. There are 3 levels to implement Salesforce in any organization.

Salesforce Configuration

MMACH DESIGM helps you in achieving business requirements with the help of Salesforce configuration through the point and click tools available. If in case the requirements of our clients are more complex and cannot be achieved with the configuration process, we suggest our clients move towards the next level i.e. Salesforce Customization.

Salesforce Customization

The next level is to customize the Salesforce solution, in cases where Configuration doesn’t fulfill all the business requirements. We provide Salesforce Customization Services by working on the Apex Code itself. It can prove out to be crucial in cases where clients have large amounts of data or varied complexities.

Salesforce Integration

The final level is to integrate the Salesforce solution where there is a need to incorporate Salesforce with third-party tools such as Google Sheet, DocuSign, etc. In such cases, we use specific APIs available to implement Salesforce Integration

Training, Launch & Support

Once the Salesforce system has been implemented by our developers as per your requirements, we get it tested by our engineers to make sure it is glitch-free. After the approval, it is migrated into the customer’s systems. Although the Salesforce setup by MMACH DESIGM is extremely user-friendly still we ensure you provide constant support so that users can adapt to the CRM without any hassle.